Josh Owen LLC

Website Revamp


A Site That Can Do More.


The Josh Owen LLC website, designed in 2013, showcases the work of industrial designer Josh Owen. In 2018, Josh sought to refresh the site. Josh led the art direction, BTMD and David Villarreal handled user experience and interaction tactics, and Miguel Cardona implemented the new design as the team’s web developer.


Fix Issues. Seek Potential. Plan Ahead.


Our team did a deep dive throughout the site looking for pain points. We then developed personas to discover visitor needs and interactions. We determined that the site could be strengthened through simplification. We worked on the menu system to reduce and categorize the site’s navigation, brought consistency to project pages, and took the revamp as an opportunity to add stronger pops of color and imagery. This created channels through relevant categories of site material and added a boost of energy that remained true to Josh’s aesthetic.


The Future.


In adjusting the site’s navigation, we created three scrolling ‘preview’ pages. These pages allow visitors to achieve a quick look through recent Josh Owen studio activity and streamline the process of navigating to the viewers’ desired destinations. These pages (like other site pages) were designed to be updated simply, so that the studio could easily showcase new information surrounding future endeavors.

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