John C. Lyle Esq.


Simple. Classic. Professional.

John came to BTMD seeking a logo and branding scheme, to be initially utilized in a business card and letterhead and eventually in a digital fashion. The words simple, classic, and professional were key descriptors that he wanted to be synonymous with his brand’s visual aesthetic.

Throughout the development of the logo, several points of meaning and emphasis were considered.

  1. The red circle emulates a wax mark, recalling a sophisticated indication of importance and care.

  2. The particular cross used is called the Cross Pattee Fitchee, and is found on the Lyle coat of arms, a nod to the client’s family history.

  3. Scales are a traditional symbol signifying law and more specifically justice in law professions.

  4. Additionally, the cross and color red in the logo signify John’s pride in being a Catholic lawyer.