High Bar Coaching


Strong. Clear. Inspiring.

High Bar Coaching is a business seeking to help recent law school graduates in their studies and preparation for the bar exam in the states of New York, Ohio, and Illinois. High Bar came to BTMD seeking a logo and brand scheme that could be used for both an analog and digital presence.

The logo contains three main points of emphasis.

  1. The symbol of a bar (pull up/high jump) was used, not only as a play on the word ‘bar’ (exam/area of a courtroom) but also to indicate high standards of achievement, and the business’s promise of aid towards excellence.

  2. The color yellow was used to infuse the brand with a message of optimism, intellect, and achievement, all things that the business strives to provide to customers.

  3. The bar is built out of a letter ‘H’ from the font “Arial”. This is a familiar font to more than just designers, and so further enhances the simplicity and clarity of the graphic. The brand font is also “Arial”, and so connects easily to the logo.