Buoyancy B.001


Durable. Portable. Fashionable.

This was the prompt for a two week personal design sprint guided by Tim Zarki’s course on learnesquared.com. This course was taken to sharpen industrial design skills and push visualization techniques.

From this brief, ideation followed, and was further refined into a fully rendered concept.




Thumbnail Exploration


Seeking New Solutions.

Headphones are a fairly saturated product with regards to design and performance. Discovering a new angle to approach the prompt’s requirements took research and brainstorming. The result is a familiar, clean form, with new and rarer features present.


Ideation Sketch

Graphics Board


Buoyancy. Why?

The created brand Buoyancy was derived from waves. These headphones sit on the top of a user’s head, like a human’s buoyancy keeps them on the surface of water. Also, just as motion in water is presented in waves, sound also travels in waves, connecting the brand and the performance of the product closely.


Autodesk Fusion 360



Unique Features.

The notable features on these headphones include two knurled rings that rotate to control volume/equalizer levels.

The frame around the entire ear cup (new feature) provides protection without substantial internal weight.

The right ear cup also allows for gesture controls on the external face.

Finally, these headphones are completely modular and may be taken apart for smaller repairs or cleaning.