Grigio Services LLC

Logo Explanantion@2x-100.jpg

Clean. Contemporary. Connecting.

Grigio Services LLC serves as an overarching parent enterprise encompassing three small businesses. A logo and brand scheme were requested to distinguish Grigio Services LLC. We sought to make the designs feel current and engaging, while maintaining a sense of cleanliness and simplicity.

The logo contains multiple points of emphasis.

  1. The logo is of a strong looking wolf-dog. Grigio is derived from the name of St. John Bosco’s miraculous dog, a large and fierce animal, who appeared when Bosco needed him most. The business stands behind a similar general mission of assistance.

  2. In Italian, Grigio means gray, and was therefore used not only as a name, but as a description of the dog’s appearance. The logo uses a gray color palette to further build the character in the logo.

  3. The gray palette is cooled with blue to add an element of calm to the logo. Grigio Services LLC seeks to assist in a way that will provide comfort to customers.

  4. The logo was built from a collection of Golden Ratio circles. This means that every curve is specifically related to the other curves in the logo. This idea of relation in the visual structure emphasizes the enterprise’s position as a parent to other small businesses. As the curves relate, Grigio is the common brand relating those underneath it.