So. Much. Stuff.

In the United States, many face struggles with overconsumption. People interact with a marketplace that evolves rapidly with product and advertising, leading to overwhelming and often unconscious consumption patterns.


"the history of consumerism shows that there is a relationship between changes in culture and changes in consumption patterns [increases]…these changes move away from communal values toward individualism and materialism"

Jonathon Chapman, Emotionally Durable Design


Trash. Recycle. Donate.

Easing the challenges posed by donating unwanted goods (time, effort, cost, etc.) could make the act a more feasible option alongside the mainstay outlets of typical waste management programs (trash and recycling). Donating as an act requires self-reflection and an awareness of utility and value.


Easing and Informing Change.

Behrdie eases the challenges of donating goods, while still providing value to not only customers but also nonprofit/charity partners. Customers pay to have goods taken away to be inventoried and then given to partners with the greatest needs. Their donation patterns and value will be recorded for more informed consumption and disposal.


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